ZLEARN initiated after following the megatrends & transition of learning of 21st centuries. The education world is witnessing a tectonic shift in its nature in order to make individuals more tailored for their employment. Now the only constant remains, keep learning.ZLEARN efforts to make the adoption easiest for the learners of this generation; following the industries priorities & enlarging size of the economy, country essentially requires skilled workforce. The primary discrepancies between the industries and skills among the adult population represent a significant gap for both the employers and employees. ZLEARN recommends quick upskilling of individuals can play a pivotal role in bridging the gap & assist to avoid the risk of unemployment. We focus in the method of reform, inform & transform to achieve the best value for people, planet and profit (PPP). Faster upskilling drive can help us to fight inequality, poverty and vulnerability along with i will support us to receive best demographic dividend, because skills not only let us survive but thrive. ZLEARN intends to cover 360degree improvement of learners with its soft skill, personality brushing guidelines to and boost the realization of self-reliance.